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Music Books To Keep Them Busy

Easy-to-activate books that will keep your toddler entertained long enough to drink your coffee while it's hot :)

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Have you ever gotten a sound-activated book and immediately wished you hadn't? Whether it's buttons are so hard to push that my child will never actually be able to play with it alone or the sound is so loud and obnoxious I have to take out the batteries: I have historically had a more hate than love relationship with touch-activated sound books....until I got one from Usborne Books & More.

Our family's very first touch-activated sound book from UBAM was Don't Tickle The Hippo and we've never looked back since! This book not only makes the funniest sounds that always make my kids giggle but also has wonderful sensory components to each page that are great for explorative little fingers.

After seeing how easy it was for the buttons to activate and how controlled the volume was, we decided to invest in more! Oh how I wished I had these for my 2-year-old when her little brother came: it would've offered me a few moments in peace during nursing sessions that I would pay an exorbitant amount of money for.

My husband is a musician so we decided to snag My First Keyboard Book next. We're hoping to allow the kids to explore different instruments and decide for themselves if they want to learn to play! The keys are easy enough for a baby to activate but the pages are high level enough to be a great intro-to-Keyboarding resource, as well as understanding of how to read music.

One of my 3-year-old's absolute favorites is Cinderella, where she can hear the book being read aloud to her. And as a Mama, I love that the book isn't all about Cinderella falling in love with her Prince Charming, but rather finding a lifelong friend. Thanks for helping me avoid the boyfriend conversation just a bit longer, UBAM. We have even more Listen & Read titles you can find here.

Okay also how adorable is this video of Redding (18 months) sitting there "reading" the book to himself. Obsessed.

Our most recent haul included: