About Kailee

The Movement Mama

Kailee is a small-town Missouri girl turned big-city Mama. She is proud to have her husband, Josh, alongside her in this journey through parenthood and together they have two little ones to love. Kailee enjoys concert-going, hiking, trying new restaurants, and making memories through the eyes of her children. 


Kailee received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Missouri and has pursued her passion for babies + toddlers through a career in Early Intervention for children with Special Needs. Kailee is passionate about equipping parents with the knowledge to feel confident in Purposeful Play to reduce developmental delay.


Hey. This feels a little weird telling you about myself right here instead of hanging in some too-cool-for-me-in-my-mom-jeans cafe, sharing our stories over a hot cup of coffee. But regardless, I am SO glad you’re here. I created this space first and foremost for mamas..as a place to empower you toward playing with a purpose with your baby and equipping you with the tools to encourage confidence in this wild ride of motherhood.

As a first time mama, I had SO many questions and Google quickly turned into my worst enemy. I would think... “I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy...and I work in Pediatrics! How does all this not just come naturally!?” I scoured websites and scrutinized the research and began formulating routines and rhythms that worked for us..but it took SO. MUCH. TIME. And one thing mamas don’t have a lot of is time..and the time you do have should be spent with your babies, not comparing websites to decide which seems the most legit.


As I grew in knowledge both as a mama and a clinician, I began seeing common questions and patterns among my own mom tribe and in the families of the children I was treating. I started to dream of a resource that would make this whole Mama thing a little less scary and a lot more fun. But like any dream, I feared taking that leap of faith. I worried I would fail you or that I wouldn’t have all the knowledge you need. And you know what? I don’t. But I do have the most amazing colleagues, friends, and patients who have imparted so much wisdom on this mom brain of mine. I’ve been soaking it up like a sponge and I’m so crazy excited to share it with you.

I want to help your baby grow and develop in their motor skills, but I also want to do life with you. I care about your little one learning to walk but I also care about you loving on yourself. So join me in this immensely breathtaking journey we call motherhood and let’s learn about it together—mess and all.