Say goodbye to Tummy Time blues with a Pediatric Physical Therapist's Guide to maximize Tummy Time from day one. 


  • Topics Include: 
    • Tummy Time Milestones
    • Tummy Time 101
    • Stages of Tummy Time
    • My Holy Grail tips
    • 25+ ways to Tummy Time
    • Guide to Reflux & Tummy Time
    • My most FAQ from Mamas just like you

Don't let tummy time be something you dread any longer! Download now and watch this important developmental pasttime become something you & your baby look forward to!


Note: I spent so much time poring over this guide just for you, Mama. It is jam-packed with precious information, but I didn't want the cost to be a barrier to important knowledge that I know every Mama needs! So please know that the price reflects my commitment to you, not the quality of this product! 

The Ultimate Guide to Tummy Time


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