Your Motor guide to preventing Developmental Delay through Purposeful Play in the first year! A Pediatric PT-curated set of research-based Motor Milestones paired with 3 activities to promote every. single. one. Feel empowered and excited to play with your baby today!  


This product is a digital download only. Visit this blog post for detailed instructions on creating your own Printables at home. 


Note: I spent so much time poring over these cards just for you, Mama. They are jam-packed with precious information, but I didn't want the cost to be a barrier to important knowledge that I know every Mama needs! So please know that the price reflects my commitment to you, not the quality of this product! 

Motor Milestones + Purposeful Play Cards (Digital Download)

  • These cards are meant for educational purposes and are in no way deemed medical or professional advice. Seek the advice of a medical professional should you have concerns about your baby's health or development. 

  • Visit this blog post for how to create your cards at home!