Navigate one of the most challenging, yet rewarding times in your child's sleep & motor development with ease! Feel empowered with the knowledge necessary to cruise through the 4 month sleep regression, tame tummy time frustration, rock the rolling over game, and establish a solid sleep schedule. 


Topics include: 

+Sleep & Motor Milestone Overview

+Tummy Time




+Early sitting

+Back play

+Wake time routines

+Sleep routines

+Daytime feeds

+Overnight feeds

+Naps & Wake Windows

+Sleep Associations

+4 Month Sleep Regression

+Swaddle Transition

+Motor & Sleep FAQ


  • This guide is not intended as medical advice
  • This guide does not include sleep training methods
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  • This guide is nonrefundable
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Note: We spent so much time poring over this guide just for you, Mama. It is jam-packed with precious information, but we didn't want the cost to be a barrier to important knowledge that we know every Mama needs! So please know that the price reflects our commitment to you, not the quality of this product! 

3-6 Month Sleep + Motor Guide