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Valentine's Day Books!

Updated: Feb 8

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What better way to share the love than snuggled up with your little one reading a book? Some of my favorite pastimes have been reading to my babies and watching them grow in their love of books! And some of my least favorite pastimes have been after they consume copious amounts of chocolate. I'm going to break these down into two lists: Usborne books & Other Books. I'm doing this because Usborne books can only be purchased through a consultant (and lucky for you, I'm obsessed with children's books so I became one last fall). These are books you can't find anywhere online except for a consultant's page, so I want to be sure you understand that if you choose some from List A and List B, they will be part of separate orders. Am I making any sense?! Also, Usborne Books take anywhere from 3-7 days to ship, and Amazon Prime junkies like me need to know these deets in advance.

I also want to let you in on a little secret--if you decide to purchase Usborne books, it's in your best interest to purchase more than 1 because shipping is a flat rate of $6 until you spend $75. If you only want one book, grab a friend or a Grandma to go in on an order with you! This is what my family does and it makes my little "free shipping for all" heart much happier :)

Usborne Books

  1. Apple of my Pie

  2. The Sound of My Heart

  3. Love You Hoo

  4. Also an Animal

  5. Where Happiness Lives

  6. Lift The Flap: What are Feelings?

  7. All About Feelings

  8. You Complete Me

  9. Cuddle Bear's Book of Hugs

  10. That's Not My Unicorn

  11. Are you There Little Unicorn?

  12. Once Upon a Timely

  13. Animally

  14. Little Ballerina Dancing Book

Amazon Books

  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter

  2. I Like Myself

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse

  4. Love You Forever

  5. Llama Llama I love you

  6. Baby Touch & Feel-I Love You

  7. Snuggle Puppy

  8. If I Were a Unicorn

  9. One Big Heart

  10. Love: From The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  11. Babies Love Valentines: A Chunky Lift a Flap

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