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Summer Safety Essentials for Babe

Updated: May 14

As a family who loves to get outdoors, over the years we've discovered the things that make summer fun a lot more safe and enjoyable!

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From Top Left to Bottom Right, here's my absolute Favorite Summer Safety Picks:

Baby/Toddler Helmet: Whether they're riding with you or exploring their own mobility, helmets are crucial to protecting that growing brain :)

Snappable Swim Diapers: News flash: swim diapers don't protect against urine leaks. Found that one out the hard way (oops). I love that these snap on/off so that you can put a regular diaper on beneath until babe is ready to get in the water + no more struggling to pull the swim diaper up/down against wet skin.

Shaded Tummy Float: I haven't met a baby yet who doesn't love tummy time in the water. I love that this comes with a shade to protect their sweet skin, too! Plus, tummy down teaches a functional swimming position unlike other floats that position babies more upright

Rashguards with SPF: I love that these have UPF 50+ so you spend less time slathering them in sunscreen and more time having fun in the sun. Here's a cute girl option, too. Not to mention these also keep babe much warmer on the way to the water!

Portable Fan: Overheating is a very real risk for babies who are still learning to regulate their body temperature. This fan goes with us everywhere: the car, the stroller, etc! I love how it can wrap around just about anything!

Supportive Sandals: While I typically recommend a flexible sole for new walkers, I always recommend a firm and supportive sole for sandals due to the fact that the top is much less supportive than a tennis shoe. I also always recommend closed-toe sandals to prevent tripping or scrapes/stubs to those sweet little toes. These are perfect for in/out of the water and the straps offer great adjustability! Here is a great dupe from Target for half the price. You can also find a lot more sizes at Zappos here.

Shaded Backpack Carrier: Another phenomenal way to keep babe out of the sun while still exploring the great outdoors. I recommend this carrier for walkers and up, as back carrying can be more difficult for babe to communicate their needs or discomfort.

Sunshade Playspace: There are endless options for these sunshades, but I love that the whole fam can fit in this one to play with babe. Some of my favorite memories are playing outside with a toddler in the sprinkler and the babe and I in the sunshade watching and laughing! If you're needing a safe space to keep babe contained, check out this playard that can be used indoors/outdoors and has a UV protective + mosquito net canopy.

XL Sun Hat with SPF: It's best to avoid sunscreen on babe before the age of 6 months. These hats are perfect for protecting little faces and shoulders from the sun's harmful rays.

Clean Sunscreen + Facestick: I've tried several other "clean" sunscreens for babe and this one is the BEST. Use the link above for 15% off your order! Pro tip: Use a clean makeup brush to apply sunscreen to their face: they will fight you a whole lot less and your application will be a lot more even :)

Clean Insect Repellant: We've been through a few clean insect repellants and haven't found one we love. I just placed an order for this after rave reviews from a few trusted sources! Check the ingredients in your bug repellant and talk with your pediatrician about what's safe--avoiding repellant before 6 months of age if possible (see mosquito net below). Also avoid dressing babe in bright colors or floral patterns, as these attract bugs and be mindful of standing away from pools of water that might be breeding grounds for pests.

Try to make it a habit to bathe babe each night after a day of sunscreen and/or

repellant to remove the buildup of chemicals before they rest.

Bug Zapper (not pictured): I try to limit the chemicals I put on our skin as much as I can, so we recently got this bug zapper to keep outdoors when we're playing. It has worked great so far and the kids love to hear the zaps ha! Just be sure to hang it out of reach of little fingers!

XL Plastic Water Dispenser: Babies and children have an increased risk of dehydration due to their higher body water percentage, in addition to their higher metabolic rate that causes them to utilize more water in their body systems. Having a large outdoor water container to refill while you're playing outdoors is a great way to reduce the very preventable risk of dehydration. I also love this retro vibe insulated cooler if you're planning to spend extended time outdoors.

Noggle Car A/C Extender: I know firsthand the woes of no A/C vents in the back of the car blowing on babe. This amazing invention directs the front seat airflow right to babe to prevent overheating! And it's much cheaper than buying a new car with rear vents, just saying :)

Car Seat Cooler: Y'all know I love to shop small! These car seat coolers saved us from buckle burns and fussy babes last summer and is Mama-designed and owned! Use code: movementmama for 10% off

Toddler-Proof Sunglasses: You no longer have to choose between cute and shatter-proof :) These adorable shades come in all shapes & sizes and have stood up to tosses, steps, and squashes in our household! They also come with UV protection for little eyes :) If you're an active family, trust me when I say: spend the extra $ rather than buying 12 pairs of cheap shades that don't protect their eyes!

Breathable Baby carrier: So many of you have expressed a desire to babywear but inability to in the summer. Here's your solution! This mesh carrier will keep you + babe cool all summer long and provides 6 different carrying positions as your little love grows and grows!

Mosquito Net for Stroller/Carseat/Pack n Play: As I mentioned before, we want to avoid the chemicals or essential oils contained in insect repellants until at least 6 months of age. This little net is a perfect way to make that happen while also allowing babe to tag along on all of your adventures :) Supervision is always required with anything placed over them.

Car Shade: A cooler car means a cooler and happier babe. I love how small this sun shade folds up (watch their tutorial) so it doesn't contribute to the kid car clutter!

Infant Life Jacket: A great price for a coast-guard approved life jacket for babe! Always always have a life jacket on your babe in or around water!

Baby Ear Protection: From fireworks to music festivals and everything in between, you can rest assured that babe's ear drums will be protected and avoid overstimulation from all the noise with these fun little headphones.

Insulated Water Bottle: The bite + suck mechanism is great for a teething babe + to stimulate drinking more water! If your little one doesn't quite have that coordination down, you might try this one. Many babies will get the water they need from breastmilk and/or formula but over time, their need for water intake increases, especially out in the sun. Look for these signs your little love may be getting dehydrated:

  • Plays less than usual

  • Urinates less than usual

  • Parched, dry mouth

  • Fewer tears when crying

  • Sunken soft spot of a baby

  • If they become excessively sleepy or present with dark urine, consult your doctor immediately

What are you most excited to venture out to do with your babe this summer?! I hope these items will help make it a little happier and a whole lot healthier :)

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