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Our Family's Tubby Todd Favorites

Okay so prepare yourself for me spamming you with an excess amount of photos.

I'm DYING over these sweet bathtime shots we got from our dear friends JD Liana Works!

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I've been needing to write this post for awhile--I get so many questions about which products are our favorites and honestly: it's so hard to choose.

Over time I've been methodically swapping out all of our household products to cleaner and safer alternatives and Tubby Todd has now become a household staple! Not to mention it's a Mama-created and owned business run by WOMEN. Hello I'm here to support you forever, kbye.

If you've got questions about their ingredients and if they're a good fit for your family,

check out their FAQ Page here.

I love these XL soap dispensers that are better for the environment! Less waste and more bubbly fun!

The bubbles are so gentle on sensitive bottoms and leave zero residue so I'm not spent rinsing them off after the bath--I just pull them out and voila! Done! We love to use the bubble bath for "car washes" of our Ride on Toys or for some Water Table Play, too!

K I seriously promise I'm getting to the list but for now I just need a few more photos :)

Okay so here are our absolute FAVORITE Tubby Todd Products!

Use this link to automatically apply a

15% off discount to your cart!

I want to mention that while these products have a higher price point than some

regular drugstore/Target finds, the products truly LAST. The bottles have

slogans that say "one pump is all you need" and it really is true.

I also apologize that I can't link to the products directly below. It is an issue Tubby Todd is

working on fixing. You can use the Search feature at the link above and still get the

15% discount (or 20% off $100 or more just for Memorial Day Weekend!)

1. All Over Ointment : quite possibly the best of them all (although it's so hard to choose). As a family who has all dealt with dry skin forever, this was our saving grace! So many Mamas are seeing miraculous results with Eczema and we have had great luck with it getting rid of Cradle Cap, too! Just slather some on, wait a few minutes, and then use this incredible brush kit to say bye bye to flaky noggins. Rinse with the Hair + Body wash and you're good to go!

2. Hair + Body Wash: Listen, I'm a bit skeptical when a skin care product says it's able to do both things. My mind always thinks "okay so it can do one thing well and one thing eh". But seriously this stuff is SO good. I'm particular about what I use on my babies' sweet curls and I have seen such a significant improvement in their hair texture and curl pattern since using this + the conditioner on Ada June's longer curls.

  • My favorite scent is the Lavendary + Rosemary...probably because it's like a little spa getaway while I bathe my rowdy kids :) But a close second is the Fresh Raspberry. They release seasonal scents, too, which have been fun!

3. Everyday lotion: The best lightweight, yet effective lotion. A little bit goes such a long way which is perfect for when the whole family uses it! This is actually the only lotion that J has said consistently keeps his skin hydrated and the smell of the Lavendar + Rosemary is so light, he doesn't feel like he's wearing women's lotion :) You can actually get this + the two above and save even bigger by purchasing a "Regulars Bundle"

4. Bubble Bath: Please tell me I'm not the only one who was forbidden to use bubble bath as a kid due to frequent irritation and/or UTIs. Harsh chemicals on little bottoms is no bueno, so I was ecstatic to see how gentle this Bubble Bath is---the bubbles almost completely disappear by the end of the bath, so I know it's good!

5. Sunscreen: I have tried several different "clean" sunscreens and this one is the easiest to apply, doesn't leave a greasy residue, and doesn't have an overpowering scent. One tube lasted our family all summer! Our family also likes this sunscreen, but it does tend to be a bit greasy.

6. Face Stick: Getting sunscreen on squirming, squinting faces should be an Olympic sport. This makes it so easy to swipe on and let them go! Or if you've just got the regular sunscreen, try putting it on a fun makeup brush to apply--it's like a little soft face massage for them :) and I love that this one has a cap so the sunscreen mess stays at bay.

7. Chapstick: Literally the only chapstick ever to not leave my lips feeling dry after it's gone. This stuff lasts for HOURS and doesn't smear my lipstick underneath. Gold, I tell you!

8. Detangling spray: Ada June often wakes up with what we lovingly call a "bird's nest" from rolling around on her curls all night. This stuff allows me to let her brush her own hair with ease so that I don't have to put in my earplugs before 8AM :) It's also part of a Hair bundle where you can save even more.

9. Diaper creme: This stuff actually stays on their bum but is easy to wipe clean. I repeat: it stays on their bum but you can actually wipe it clean. Enough said. So amazing for sensitive bottoms! We love this!

10. Hand Sanitizer: I love how gentle, yet effective this is! I keep a bottle in my diaper caddy and diaper bag at all times!

I hope this has been helpful! I know firsthand how difficult it can be to choose the right products for your family. I spent hours and hours as a new Mama scouring reviews and blogs to try to make the choice. Know that as a healthcare professional and sister in this motherhood journey with you, I am 100% committed to only recommending products we know, love, and use ourselves!

I'd love to see you guys using your Bubbly goodies! Tag me @themovementmama

so other Mamas can hear what you think, too!

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