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Our Family's Favorite Clean Sunscreens

Updated: Jun 12

As a Mama and Pediatric PT, I fully vet every product that touches our family's skin--especially since I know it will absorb into their fresh baby skin and eventually into their bloodstream.

Each product listed below passes our family's personal tests for "clean" ingredients while also protecting from the sun, but you should do your own research to decide what you feel best about.

A great site to visit is EWG skin deep (although keep in mind there is always bias with sites of this nature due to funding sources)

The bottom line is: you are the parent and you have to decide what you do and don't want for your family.

This is in no way considered medical advice, friend. Just a Mom to Mom recommendation! Talk with a trusted healthcare provider who knows your child if you need additional insights!

Remember: it's best to avoid sunscreen before 6 months of age. So if you're looking for an alternative, try hats + swimmies with SPF to avoid the chemicals altogether! I've linked a few of our favorites here.

This post contains affiliate links that aid in supporting The Movement Mama at no additional cost to you.

-My current personal favorite is Tubby Todd. I became an affiliate for them (my link will get you 15% off) when I realized how amazing their products have been for our family. I will tell you that it isn't rated on EWG skin deep, and because of that, often doesn't make the lists online of "Best Clean Sunscreens" but Andrea, the founder is committed to high quality, safe ingredients for her family and the families she serves. This one doesn't leave a greasy residue unlike some others we have tried! It's also Reef-safe if you're planning a vacation!

-We have also used and loved Badger, but for me it was just too greasy. If you are looking for a very very CLEAN ingredient list, though, this is your best bet!

-Many of my friends also recommend ThinkBaby for a great clean sunscreen and it consistently makes the lists of Best well!

-Finally, I've been gradually switching over my skincare routine to cleaner alternatives from BeautyCounter and I'm obsessed. When our sunscreen runs out, I plan to try theirs out because I've heard rave reviews from so many of you! I'm not a consultant, but my dear friend (and newly mama of three) IS and she can hook you up at her link here . If it doesn't automatically choose her, her name is Gabrielle Morris. LOVE supporting friends!


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