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My Favorite Rolling Motivators

Tried and true toys for promoting your baby's first step toward independent mobility

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  1. Wobble toys: perfect for the Reach + Roll method taught in my course-Roll on Track . The yellow toy is found in the 5-6 Month Kit from Lovevery and you can find the Penguin wobbler here

  2. Wrist + Ankle Rattles: one of my favorite ways to promote back to belly rolling.

  3. Interactive Stuffed Elephant: you should've seen the eye roll I gave my grandparents when they gifted this to us, but I SWEAR it is the best motivator for pressing onto extended arms in tummy time. That and this Peekaboo Elmo.

  4. Linking Rings: just trust me on this one. You will literally use these for everything.

  5. Toys to support the Reach + Roll method: this method is one of my absolute holy grail tips I teach for rolling tummy to back in Roll on Track. This play piano is one of my most frequently requested links (and for good reason). And this spinning wheel is also from the 5-6 Month Kit from Lovevery.

  6. Tummy Time Props: perfect for keeping a babe who won't stop rolling to their back in tummy time a bit longer! The Prop a Pillar can be used on the tummy or as a sitting prop. The Boppy pillow is an oldie but a goodie and it's multiple uses make it a winner!

  7. Easy-to-grasp teethers: I demonstrate how to use these to keep your little love in sidelying in Roll on Track. You can find the geometric teether here and the O ball here.