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My All Time Favorite Container-Free Solutions

Updated: Jun 2

Maybe you'll get to pee in peace for once! (But really, some of these need supervision. Use your best judgment with what is and isn't safe for stepping away for a moment. These are just my favorite container-free solutions!)

If you've followed me @themovementmama for any amount of time, you know I'm passionate about reducing Container Baby Syndrome. I'm fighting the billion-dollar toy industry that is telling you that you need all of the expensive baby toys to keep your little one content and entertained and instead dishing out all my real-life solutions for encouraging fun floor play and freedom of movement for your babe.

As a Mama of 2, I've been there--with a to-do list a mile long and babies that need my attention! So please know that all of these items are ones we used or have been highly recommended by my community of parents over @themovementmama.

This post contains affiliate links that aid in supporting The Movement Mama at no additional cost to you.

For more information on how to use these to reduce baby container usage,

visit my Baby Containers I & II Highlights @themovementmama

Ball Pit

Tummy Time Mirror

Sassy Baby Play Mat

Bathtub (not linked lol)

Extra wide baby gate

Kick & Reach Playmat

Prop A Pillar

Inflatable Bath Tub

Ring Sling

Laundry Basket

Tummy Time Water Mat

Baby Pool

Soft Swing

Little Balance Box

Structured Carrier

XL Plastic Playard

Pack n Play

Extra Wide Baby Gate + Playard Combo

Bassinet Stroller

Lovevery Playmat

Ballpit Balls

Outdoor Sun-protected Playard

Wrap Carrier


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