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Gifts for the Tummy Timer, the Sitter, the Roller, & The Crawler

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(Gifts in order from top right to bottom left)

For ease of shopping, most options above can be found at my Baby Toys idea list here.

Ball pit balls: The opportunities are endless, but the most popular is my Laundry Basket Sitting Trick found here.

Penguin Wobble toy: Babies love a challenge when it's entertaining. And anything that wobbles and then comes back upright is a hit (hey, maybe that's why they love us mamas so much). Bonus points for this one not having obnoxious music. You can also find a great wobble toy in the 5-6 Month Subscription box from Lovevery. I can't recommend these playkits enough--the price is worth it for the quality of toys + play guides you receive alongside them.

O ball: Anything with the O ball shape is perfect for tiny fingers to grasp! The rattle sound is great for understanding cause & effect & this is the perfect size to chew. I also love these Oball cars !

Sassy Spinner: The spinning motion captures their attention and makes them forget they're "working out" I also love to suction these to a high chair tray during dinner prep

Canvas swing: In the winter, this comes inside and is hung over a beam in our basement but we use this daily during the water months outside while big sister plays in the yard or to extend wake windows/tame the witching hour!

First 100 Words book: This is so great for language development and the pictures capture baby's attention so well! Point and name and point and name and point and name and you will be on your way to hearing those sweet first words

Infant Seat: If you've been around me any amount of time you've heard my Bumbo/Sit Me Up soapbox. This is the only infant seat I will recommend because it promotes optimal hip and spine positioning + grows a lot longer with your babe.

Linking Rings: The best $4 you will ever spend. They keep toys attached to the stroller. Make toys easier to reach from an activity mat. Are great to chew on. Prevent cups from being thrown on the floor. They're great. Buy them. Now :)

Knob puzzle: Perfect for little fingers..and teeth. So much learning takes place with these.

Shape sorter: I love that the colors help with finding the right shape and it rolls and makes a fun sound that encourages reaching and crawling

Koala mirror/book: Black & White + Seeing their "buddy" in the mirror + book component = an all around win for me

Name puzzle: Ada June got this for her first Christmas and it was so fun to see how she began to recognize her name from an early age. Those tiny brains are so smart!

Ball rattle: I swear this thing will hold their attention for much longer than I was expecting. Perfect for tiny hands and mouths, too

Activity table: The only activity table I recommend as a Pediatric PT. I love that the bottom is flat, yet unstable so your baby learns to build foot/ankle strength similar to on the ground. And I love even more that it transitions to a play table with a flat top when your baby no longer needs to stand inside it. You can buy these two cute chairs to go with it at that point!

Stacking cups: Bang them together, stack them up, use them to scoop and pour. Stacking cups are a great open-ended toy that will last your little love a long while of playing

Black + White cards: These are so great for being motivators in tummy time! Babies love to look at high contrast objects early on!

Pull & Go cars: Good for cause & effect and for chasing via rolling + motivating crawling.

Peekaboo Elmo: One of my favorite toys for tummy time push up motivation! And a great first learning experience of PeekABoo and how it can establish object permanence

My First Music set: Musical instruments like this will be used by your little one for years to come!

Exercise ball: One of the best toys for the whole family. Use it to make tummy time more fun, develop sitting strength and balance reactions, crawl and push it, stand and walk with it, and maybe break it out every January for a few weeks when you're working on your fitness :)

Kick piano play mat: The overhead bar engages the arms and the piano entices the feet. This one is awesome for encourage active play from an early age

Play piano: I can't say enough good things about this play piano. Both of my children have used it from the time they can reach in tummy time through 3+ years old.

Soft block set: Stack em, chew em, knock em down, throw em. These are the definition of an open-ended toy that will be fun for ages.

Tunnel: One of my favorite toys for encouraging crawling

Squigz spinners: These things are gold for not only tummy time, but for seated play, pulling to stand, cruising, etc etc! The spinning motion captures their attention and makes them forget they're working out (don't we all wish we had something like that)

Caterpillar pillow: I was instantly hooked when I saw one of my virtual patients using this for tummy time and seated play. It's now replaced the Boppy for me, since I didn't love the Boppy for nursing. This pillow is the perfect amount of support for making tummy time a bit easier & creating a safe haven for sitting practice. And I have a feeling this one will be involved in some pretend play later on, too!

Tummy time water mat: The cool-to-the-touch sensation, the cause & effect show of moving foam fish & the tiny bit of support it gives your babe make this one my go-to recommendation for babies who are still just not having it with tummy time.

Little Balance Box: Developed by a PT, I love the way this little box doesn't tip during pull to stand and easily transitions across different surfaces + it can be used as an activity table as your child grows. Ada will sit and color on this table for hours

Geometric rattle: Anything from Manhattan toys is always so great! Babies love watching the beads slide and feeling the bounce of the strands

Wrist/Ankle socks: Body awareness is huge for motor-development. These are one of my favorite ways to encourage feet to mouth, which leads to rolling back to belly.

Leapfrog Activity table: If you're going to go electronic, choose Leapfrog. The legs can be removed for a flat tummy time or sitting motivator, two legs can be added for sitting or crawling practice, and all four can be added for a kneeling or standing table. I always love having multiple purposes for one toy like this.

Play cube: There's a reason so many pediatricians offices have these in their waiting area--there is so much for your babe to discover and explore. I love breaking this out during attempts to reach in tummy time and watch in amazement as your little one enjoys this toy for years

Rattle/Teether: The material this is made out of is like magic for little fingers and little sore gums

Christmastime gets me so giddy--I can't wait to see the excitement on your sweet babes faces. Tag me @themovementmama in your pics of your little one exploring and engaging with their new toys.