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Easter Basket Filler for Babies Who Don't Even Know They Have a Basket Yet :)

Updated: Mar 20

I feel like every holiday that hits in the first year is so hard to know what to gift! There are endless options, but what is actually worth the money/space it takes up? I know the woes of wanting so badly to make their first holidays magical but simultaneously realizing they will have absolutely no clue that they even have an Easter basket, stocking, Valentine's box, etc! :) I tried to encourage family to buy things that were functional like baby food & teethers, but inevitably they want to buy the fun stuff, too! These were all big hits in our house and came in handy throughout baby's first year.

All links on this page are affiliate links. I only link to products I use or love. 

(Gifts in order from top right to bottom left)

Munchkin Weighted Straw + Snack Cups: The weighted straw allows them to drink even if they tip it upside down (which happens often) & the snack cups semi-prevent major Cheerio disasters :) Straw cups are recommended for oral motor development & this one works great. From Mom to Mom: any cup that says it doesn't spill is lying to you. But this one only has issues when pressure builds and it "bubbles" out the top. Just unscrew the lid and re-screw it back on to help with this!

ezpz Tiny Cup: As if the fact that a tiny cup isn't adorable enough, add to it that open cup drinking assists in a more mature swallow pattern that helps with starting solids + weaning

Munchkin Spoons: These spoons are great for practicing self-feeding, as the deeper bowl allows for you to pre-load the spoon and then let your baby explore bringing it to their mouth with less spillage. These spoons are also a great option for initially introducing your baby to purees, as the shallower well is easier for a less mature feeding pattern AND they turn white if the food is too hot (whew)

Linking Rings: The best $4 you will ever spend. They keep toys attached to the stroller. Make toys easier to reach from an activity mat. Are great to chew on. Prevent cups from being thrown on the floor. They're great. Buy them. Now :)

A Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat: Sun protection is so so important for us + our babes. I adore these little wide-brimmed sun hats with built-in UPF for protecting their little faces and necks. Here's another cute option that's a little more masculine :)

Baby's First Toothbrush: Have you ever tried to brush a baby's teeth? I have. And it's not pretty. They're constantly trying to grab at the toothbrush and pull it away and it just ends up a whole hot mess. I love that this one goes right over your finger so you've got a bit more control + you can feel just where their gums might be tender.

Mesh Feeders: CandoKiddo recommended these in her starting solids course, and if she recommends them, you better bet I got them. Babies love to gnaw on frozen fruit in these and it's a great way to introduce new tastes with more difficult to chew foods. I whip these out every time the babes are getting a new tooth and it's like paradise.

Manhattan Toy Rattle + Teether: The strands on this are the perfect size for little hands and little mouths.

Stacking Cups: Bang them together, stack them up, use them to scoop and pour. Stacking cups are a great open-ended toy that will last your little love a long while of playing

Natural Sunscreen: Hands down the best clean sunscreen out there. So sensitive on baby's skin, tear-free, & clean ingredients that preserve moisture. I used to use another natural sunscreen and it was sticky and stained our clothes. This one goes on so smooth and dry!

Dimpl: This tiny little gadget will keep your babe entertained for hours. One of my favorite toys to grab on the go.

Manhattan Toys Wooden Clutching Toy: Here's another one that will keep their little minds occupied :)

Float & Play Bath Toys: These are adorable + a huge hit to bat at and watch spin around in the tub and can be used for outdoor water tables, too!--

O Ball Rattle: Anything with the O ball shape is perfect for tiny fingers to grasp! The rattle sound is great for understanding cause & effect & this is the perfect size to chew

Easter books: This board book with the mirror is perfect for little fingers and faces :)

Wrist + Ankle Rattles: Body awareness is huge for motor-development. These are one of my favorite ways to encourage feet to mouth, which leads to rolling back to belly.

Carrot Teether: This was just too adorable not to add. And the handles are perfect for little fingers getting the teether in just the right spot!

Black & White Crinkle Book: It crinkles, it's black + white, & it attaches to things: baby goldmine.

Yogurt Melts + Pouches: These are great for on-the-go when you come to realize it's not always feasible to home-make your baby's food.

O Ball: Perfect for little fingers to grasp and bring their hands to midline: an important developmental milestone. Also it won't hurt when they eventually learn to nail you with it.

Sensory Balls: Great for teething, feeling, rolling, and exploring.

Teething Oil: My holy grail teething trick. This all-natural teething oil has kept us from feeding Tylenol to our babies like they were veggies. Ada June still asks for it even though she's done teething. It's that good.

Silicone Teether: I absolutely love this for the stroller or carseat to keep baby pacified and entertained. It's easy to grasp & clean and the bright colors are so cute

Not pictured:

Melii Baby Snack Containers: Great for snacks on the go or just for playing! I love the pastel rainbow colors they come in, too!

I can't wait to see your baskets stuffed to the brim with these goodies :) Remember to tag me in your photos with @themovementmama so I can see your adorable First Easter photos.

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