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Big Gifts That Your Kids Will Play With for More than 5 Seconds

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

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I think it's quite fitting that your kids get a whole slew of new gifts when it's freezing cold outside. Santa was really watching out for us with that one, knowing we would need anything and everything to maintain our sanity indoors. These are my Pediatric PT + Mama approved "wow gifts" that can be used for years! Most are considered open-ended toys: meaning there's more than one way you can play & explore them which = increased imagination, creativity, and time spent engaged in play.

(Gifts in order from top right to bottom left)

For ease of shopping, most options above can be found at my Big Gifts idea list here. Some of these items are unavailable on Amazon (sorry Prime junkies) and I have linked them below.

  1. Canvas Swing: This can be hung indoors with a hook screwed into the ceiling + used outdoors. It's great for getting the wiggles out of your movement-craving baby/toddler.

  2. Pikler Triangle: I could go on and on about this toy + the rainbow rocker (bottom left) but just take it from me: it's worth every penny. It's like bringing the playground indoors and endless play can be had! When you're struggling through a chilly day at home, whip these out for guaranteed great naps.

  3. 3-wheeled Scooter: this is a great starter scooter for littles and can be used safely indoors! Don't forget a helmet.

  4. Sensory Table: Another boring day at home savior + bonus is that it converts to a nice flat-surface activity table. Virtual learning ain't got nothing on this one.

  5. Balance Bike: I've got some linked above, but here's one of my absolute favorites if you're looking for a splurge item.

  6. Balance Board: Not only is this great for balance, but it also can be used as a reading rocker, tabletop, slide, and car track (+ many many more open-ended play opportunities).

  7. Tool Bench: I've linked a few on the Amazon idea list above, but here is the one our family has. Similar to the play kitchen, you'll be amazed at how your toddler's play transforms with this one through the years!

  8. Play Tent: A safe space for hide & seek, a cozy reading nook, or just an adorable feature for your child's room: this one is a big hit in our house.

  9. Play Kitchen: One of my number one first Birthday/Christmas recommendations--you will not believe the pretend play that happens and grows here. It is just SO fun to watch. I've got some in the Amazon list but I just couldn't resist this modern wooden kitchen, this retro one, or this one that is hashtag Kitchen goals for Mama too :)

  10. Tunnel: Pop this one out on a cozy day indoors and you're set. I've linked several in the idea list but my all-time favorite aesthetic-wise is this one from Lovevery.

  11. Reading Chair: How perfect is this cozy little spot for your babe? I am imagining milestone pics taken and many pages turned here :)

  12. The Nugget Couch: If you're not following @nuggetcomfort yet/don't know about this craze you're missing out. Beauty + Endless ways to play + comfort = an all around win for everyone in the family. We use ours every single day!

  13. Wooden Rocker: This one can be a rocker, a boat, a bridge, a tabletop, etc etc etc! It is the definition of open-ended play and we are so excited to be getting this for the kids this year.

I hope this brings you some peace of mind knowing that dropping some major dollars is totally worth it for these items that have proven to give our own family + friends endless hours of play!

I can't wait to see your little ones thriving indoors this winter. Remember to tag me in your photos with @themovementmama so I can see their adorable excited faces on Christmas morning!

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