Empowering Parents Toward Purposeful Play


A Pediatric PT's Guide to Purposeful Play Filled Easter Baskets

As an aspiring minimalist Mama who knows more toys don't always equal more play, I'm very careful about the items I select for our children (read: the items I will have to pick up 1000x/day). This list is curated with toys your little loves will play with throughout multiple stages of development or tools to encourage more outdoor exploration and learning!

Pink Bubble Camera --add bubbles to literally anything and day=made

Fine Motor Fun Tools -- so much fun for sensory bins & water play

Rainbow Bath Bombs + Natural Bath Set (this link gets you 15% off your first order)

EZ Spray Bottles --trust me when I tell you: get the spray bottles. There are countless ways to bring a smile to your child's face with these. Plus, they're great for hand strength!

Oversized Bunny Lovey -I limit the stuffies coming in my home but this one is absolutely adorable--even I wanna snuggle with it

Little Gardening Kit -- perfect for experiential learning and independence

Squishy Egg Kit -- all the fun without panicking that your child is going to crack the eggs

SPF Sun Hat -- being outdoors is like a built-in purposeful play paradise. These adorable hats protect your little one's most precious features

Flower Sunnies -- their future's so bright, they gotta have some fun sunnies! If you're looking for a super toddler-proof pair, you could also try these

Otteroo -- an amazing way to give your babe freedom of movement in the water! Read their blog about how they ensure safety for the head and neck

Carrot Puzzle -- I just love these little carrots and so do my kids! It's quite the brain buster for learning shape and size

Egg Puzzle -- work on shape, colors, pulling apart/putting together, putting in/out, counting, etc etc etc the list goes on and on

Glitter Chalk -- one of the less hyperventilation-inducing ways to incorporate glitter into your life :) Chalk encourages deep squatting play which is phenomenal for motor development

Easter Books -- talk about a gift that keeps on giving. You will never regret buying your child a book. Never.

Egg Chalk -- another timeless classic for an Easter basket. The round shape of the chalk is much easier for little fingers to manipulate

Window Crayons-- writing on a vertical surface is a big fine motor challenge for your little one! These washable window crayons are so fun for purposeful play (and maybe allowing you to finish your coffee while it's hot)!

French Bulldog Snack Cup -- I just couldn't resist linking this Mama-owned shop that makes the most adorable food storage!

Carrot Fidget -- fidget toys are some of the best ways to keep babe engaged in the car, doctor's office, or while waiting on dinner--and they're perfect for fine motor skill development too

Butterfly Kit -- the awe and wonder in those little eyes when their butterfly emerges is indescribable. This kit is a fabulous learning opportunity for any age

Rain Boots -- let the puddle splashing commence!

Magnetic Bug Catching Puzzle -- this puzzle requires an immense amount of hand-eye coordination and skill to master but even babies can benefit from manipulating the wooden pieces and learning about the tiny creatures they can expect to see outdoors!

I'd love to know--what would be your babe's favorite from the list?!

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